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Dancing on Two Feet

A Danish film production company recently discovered that in Freetown, Sierra Leone, both Christian and Muslim people of faith live peacefully together in daily life.  Interfaith marriages are common.  Filmmaker Cecilia Valsted asks: "Where but Sierra Leone can you find a devoted Christian who names his son Muhammad?"

Following the 11-year civil war in the 90s, religious leaders in Sierra Leone established an Interreligious Council to oversee the peace process.  The filmmakers plan to follow the leader of the Council, Alimamy Kargbo, film an interfaith wedding, schooling of children in both the Christian and Muslim faiths, for example.  Valsted and Frederiksen will juxtapose those scenes with scenes involving extremist religious missionaries and NGOs attempting to infiltrate the country.

Interreligious Council leader Kargbo sees his goal as making religious tolerance Sierra Leone's main export, "a richer and more worthwhile resource to pursue and trade than the past currency of diamond mining and slavery."

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