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 Hartley Film Foundation's seed grants and fiscal sponsorship programs support filmmakers in developing innovative documentaries about world religions and spirituality.

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William Sloane Coffin: A Life

A film by Alex Gibney

William Sloane Coffin: A Life will examine in-depth the life and legacy of the brilliant, ebullient and now legendary former chaplain of Yale University and senior minister of Riverside Church in New York.

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Your Health: A Sacred Matter

A film by Gerald Krell and Meyer Odze

This two-hour documentary focuses on how the medical profession is  re-integrating religiously based tenets into the healing process andresponding to contemporary research findings that support earlier accepted wisdom.

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Zeuf + 20

A film by Charlotte LaGarde

Zeuf, a top athlete and breast cancer survivor, was the subject of director Charlotte LaGarde's first documentary. In 2013, when Zeuf learned that her cancer had returned and metastasized to her head and liver, she invited LaGarde to return to Santa Cruz to film her. LaGarde thought Zeuf + 20 would be about their shared experience of mortality. LaGarde says the documentary instead will primarily be about being the one left to explore what happens next. "I want to share this story because I know that I'm not alone. There have been many documentaries about death and dying, but few about grieving. How does one get used to the constant presence of absence?"

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116 Cameras

A film by Davina Pardo

116 Cameras follows a Holocaust vurvivor as she is transformed into an interactive hologram.  In collaboration with the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies, The Shoah Foundation is transforming a number of Holocaust survivors into 3D digital projections that will interact with generations to come.

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The Art of Repair

A film by Ken Ross and Sandra Barty

The Art of Repair tells the story of an ancient synagogue in Hania, Crete, reconstructed after the devastation of WW II into a renewed, inclusive Jewish community that is now in a struggle for survival.

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The Cantor's Project

A film by Erik Greenberg Anjou

The Cantor’s Project picks up where director Erik Greenberg Anjou’s previous A Cantor’s Tale left off.  Cantor Jack Mendelson and his passionate campaign for traditional prayer modes are far from an assured legacy.

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The Departure

A film by Lana Wilson

In Japan, a remarkable group of Japanese Buddhist priests combat a suicide epidemic, inspiring people to survive.

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The Flow

A film by Louis Fox

The Flow is designed to translate the timeless wisdom of Tao into “…a form that is accessible to the modern world,” a form that director Louis Fox calls a “…ride through the mysterious phenomenon known as ‘being in the zone,’ or ‘flow.’”

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The Heaven In My Head

A film by Musa Syeed

From psychiatrists to faith healers, from dingy hospitals to modern counseling centers, Kashmiris are fighting for their hearts and minds after decades of war. Many Kashmiris are turning back to faith healers, or pirs. The pir was for centuries the center of communal life in Kashmir. Their cures are unscientific and difficult to quantify, but physicians and NGOs are actively working with these religious leaders to create mental health treatments, lead Kashmiris to question cultural attitudes toward mental illness, and to rediscover what Islam actually prescribes.

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