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Hartley Film Foundation is pleased to support the following acclaimed films.

Patriot Riders

A film by Ellen Frick

This documentary investigates the growth of a the Patriot Riders movement as the viewer travels with these motorcyclists on a solemn journey to funerals of young soldiers killed in action.

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Praying with Lior

A film by Ilana Trachtman

Praying with Lior follows Lior Liebling, a thirteen-year-old Philadelphia boy with Down Syndrome nicknamed "the little rebbe," for the four months that lead up to his Bar Mitzvah.

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Project Kashmir

A film by Geeta Patel and Senain Kheshgi

Two female Americans, a Hindu and a Muslim, sneak into the war zone of Kashmir to uncover the truth of what is happening in what is considered to be one of the most dangerous places on earth. 

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Questioning Faith

A film by Macky Alston

Can seminary student and award-winning filmmaker Macky Alston maintain his faith after the untimely death of a close friend and fellow seminary student?

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Radical Grace

A film by Rebecca Parrish

Radical Grace follows three American nuns, united by a shared belief that faith is action, who continue to strive for justice in the shadow of a politically motivated Vatican investigation.

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Talking to the Air

Talking to the Air

A film by Sophie Pegrum

Talking to the Air provides a window into the rural Tibetan feudal life and the Buddhist dependence on and worship of the horse, considered central to spiritual welfare, culture and tradition.

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The Honest Struggle

A film by Justin Mashouf

Honest Struggle follows a Muslim convert as he tries to survive an honest life in Southside Chicago after 24 years in prison.

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Walk With Me

A film by Isaac Solotaroff

The Church of Gethsemane is a Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, NY, run by and for prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families, and individuals in partnership with the poor and imprisoned. 

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The Calling

A film by Danny Alpert

The Calling is a groundbreaking two-part four-hour documentary series that will share the journeys of four young Americans - a Catholic, a Muslim, a Protestant and a Jew, who have decided to enter the clergy.

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