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Buddhism is the world's fourth-largest religion, with over 500 million followers or 7% of the global population.

Daughters of Wisdom

A film by Bari Pearlman

For centuries, the women of rural Tibet have been relegated to subservient roles. Regarded as capable of little more than churning butter, bearing children and saying prayers, they have lived servile lives without access to education or the time to practice Buddhism to the same degree as men. In Daughters of Wisdom, the filmmaker creates a vivid, intimate portrait of the lives of these women, and witnesses their culture, a culture on the verge of positive social change realized through education and religious cultivation.

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The Departure

A film by Lana Wilson

In Japan, a remarkable group of Japanese Buddhist priests combat a suicide epidemic, inspiring people to survive.

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Dying at Peace

A film by David Kennard

Dying at Peace takes a thoughtful look at the best information available about our “final hour” and what lies beyond.

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World Religions: Volume 1 Many Paths

Elda Hartley invites you to travel the globe and view through her camera lens the endlessly varied and vibrant pastiche of religious rituals practiced throughout the world. During the 1970s and 80s, this award-winning filmmaker created documentaries on a number of the world's great religions that will open your eyes to the extraordinary differences and the striking similarities among individuals of different faiths. Seven engaging documentaries for just $24.95.

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