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To be multifaith is to feel an affinity with aspects of more than one religion, philosophy or world-view, and to believe that no one is superior to the others.

At the Death House Door

A film by Peter Gilbert and Steve James

At the Death House Door follows the remarkable career journey of Pastor Carroll Pickett, who served 15 years as the death house chaplain to the infamous "Walls" prison unit in Huntsville, Texas. During that time he presided over 95 executions, including the very first lethal injection. After each execution, Pickett recorded an audiotape account of that fateful day.

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A film by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson

Baraka is a breathtaking tour through six continents and 24 countries, which depicts the rhythms of man and nature and ways in which they live in harmony and violent discord. A glorious tone poem, the film cuts from solitary monks to crowded streets, from great temples and soaring landscapes to the dumps of Calcutta. The cumulative effect is moving, sobering and profoundly spiritual.

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Belief Matters

A compilation of documentary shorts

Compassion and understanding are tenets of all faiths.  In today’s world, there is a universal call for tolerance, justice and charity.  In other words … Belief Matters.  Part of the Media that Matters collection, these documentary shorts showcase issues surrounding interfaith respect, human rights, and the environment.  The subjects of these short films express belief in the future, belief in others and belief in themselves.

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Beyond Belief

A film by Beth Murphy

"You choose your way into yourselves," is a most apt description of how two widowers manage their lives in the years following their husbands' deaths on planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11. They end up traveling to Afghanistan, where they meet with Afghani widowers. Both sides reach easily across the cultural barriers to share their similarities and, far more frequently, the vast cultural differences and inequities that often bring discord but, between these women, bring peace.

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Chant: Spirit in Sound

An audio meditation by Robert Gass

A multicultural exploration of old musical traditions, the Chant: Spirit in Sound CD set brings to life the remarkable world of traditional and contemporary chant.
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Chants under the musical direction of Michael Fitzpatrick

In Kentucky, Abbey of Gesthemani Benedictine Monks and Drepung Loseling Monks descend into Mammoth Cave, the largest cave system in the world, and gather at the Furnace Mountain Zen Temple and the Abbey of Gethsemani to record authentic chants from their religious traditions.
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Crazy Dream

A film by Bob Richman, Kelly Sheehan and Kim Connell

Crazy Dream follows a multicultural group of African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Caucasian musicians on a mission as cultural ambassadors for the U.S. State Department.

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Doing Time, Doing Vipassana

A film by Ayelet Menahemi and Eilona Ariel

A decade ago, the Inspector General in New Delhi, India, decided to undertake major reforms of the Indian prison system. She asked for advice on how best to go about it and found her answer inside the Tihar Prison through an ancient Indian system of meditation called Vipassana, which was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. Doing Time, Doing Vipassana is a very moving documentary that focuses on interviews with a number of Tihar Prison inmates as they experience life before, during and after a Vipassana course.
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Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero

A film by Helen Whitney

What was it we saw on Sept. 11th? And where, if one is a believer, was God? Indeed, if one is not a believer, did Sept. 11th make the idea of God more improbable? In Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero producer Helen Whitney interviews priests, rabbis, and Islamic scholars, victims' families and World Trade Center survivors, writers and thinkers, atheists and agnostics, about the questions that haven't gone away.

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Hiding & Seeking

A film by Menachem Daum and Oren Rudavsky

Hiding and Seeking follows Menachem Daum's quest to fight his sons' growing religious intolerance. They travel to Poland, where Daum introduces his sons to the Catholic family that risked their lives to save his father-in-law during the Holocaust.

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