Streetcar to Kolkata

Streetcar to Kolkata

In Streetcar to Kolkata, Bengali-speaking, Calcutta-born filmmaker Kavery Kaul takes American writer Fatima Shaik on her first trip to India in a search for her grandfather's village.  Shaik Mohamed Musa was one of the first Indians in the U.S.  He arrived in America in 1893 to become the only Bengali Muslim in Fatima's African-American Christian New Orleans family.

Fatima's reverse journey crosses borders betweem Christianity and Islam, India and America.  It tells a story of the Indian diaspora and the making of America.  Past blends with present as Fatima encounters present-day Kolkata, and the intercultural/interfaith differences that should be recognized but need not keep us apart.

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Streetcar to Kolkata has completed principal photography in India and the U.S.

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Interview with Kavery Kaul, director of Streetcar to Calcutta

Streetcar to Calcutta follows writer Fatima Shaik, who is Christian and African American, on a cinematic journey from New Orleans, the city of her birth, to Calcutta, the birthplace of the

Streetcar to Kolkata

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