Cairo in One Breath

Cairo in One Breath

A muezzin calls Islamic worshippers to prayer from the minaret of a mosque five times a day, in a 1,400-year-old tradition called the adhan. In Cairo, a city of 4,000 mosques, that tradition is about to disappear.

In 2006, the Egyptian government approved a proposal called the Adhan Unification Project to systematize the call to prayer. Under this plan, set to go into effect in 2010, the adhan will be reduced to a single recording of one muezzin reciting the adhan, which will then be broadcast throughout the city using wireless receivers.

The filmmakers plan to document and honor the tradition of the adhan before it ceases to exist, by filming in the myriad neighborhoods of the 83-square-mile city of Cairo the five daily calls to prayer. They will juxtapose interviews with muezzin and religious scholars with interviews with people on the street.

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