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Ethiopian Jews

In the 15th century, Jews in Ethiopia were denied the right to own property and became landless outcasts. The situation remained untenable for centuries, which is why during the past several decades, thousands of Ethiopian Jews were granted permission from Israel to immigrate to that country.

Director Lowell Handler followed one Jewish Ethiopian family as the parents and six children made their way from an Ethiopian refugee camp to Ofakim, Israel.

Twenty years after immigration, the family members are now Israeli citizens. The children learned Hebrew but the parents did not. Production of Ethiopian Jews will reunite all the family members and explore and reflect on how each member has transitioned to Israeli society. And two members will return with the film production team to Ethiopia to film "what is left" of the Jewish population there.

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All donations for the production and distribution of Ethiopian Jews are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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Auburn Update 

Director Lowell Handler plans to return to Israel and travel to Ethiopia as production gets underway.

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