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The Heaven In My Head

A film by Musa Syeed

From psychiatrists to faith healers, from dingy hospitals to modern counseling centers, Kashmiris are fighting for their hearts and minds after decades of war. Many Kashmiris are turning back to faith healers, or pirs. The pir was for centuries the center of communal life in Kashmir. Their cures are unscientific and difficult to quantify, but physicians and NGOs are actively working with these religious leaders to create mental health treatments, lead Kashmiris to question cultural attitudes toward mental illness, and to rediscover what Islam actually prescribes.

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Home again

Home Again

A film by Julie Englander

When you’ve grown up all over the world, can you ever really go home again? Home Again takes an intimate look at the struggles of evangelical Missionary Kids, whose childhoods have taken them around the globe. 

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The Jewess

A film by Erin Reese

Many films have addressed Jewish-Christian relationships during the World War II era from the Jewish perspective.  Director Erin Reese tells the story of The Jewess from the perspective of a Jew saving Germans.

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The Judge

The Judge captures the life of a female judge to be appointed to a religious court in the Middle East.

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The Kosher Beach

A film by Karin Kainer and Hilla Medalia

A half-hour drive separates the ultra-Orthodox suburb of Bnei Brak from secular Tel Aviv. Yet nestled on Tel Aviv's Mediterranean beachfront, between wooden barricades, is a kosher beach that lies side-by-side with hotels, marinas and restaurants. The hermetically sealed kosher beach is the world's largest only same-sex beach. Women and men swim and sunbathe on separate and designated days.

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Letters to God

A film by Mark Johnston

Letters to God revolves around correspondence addressed to God that is received by a Jerusalem post office every day of the year.
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Life Without Basketball

A film by Jon Mercer and Tim O'Donnell

Life Without Basketball follows Bilqis, a young woman who explores her faith and identify as a Muslim American when a controversial ruling prevents her from playing basketball.

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Love & Stuff

A film by Judith Helfand

This inspirational first-person documentary will explore mother -daughter love from both sides of the camera as the director Judith Helfand embraces a series of spiritual life-cycle challenges and universal rites of passage.

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Loyalty By Another Name

A film by David Washburn

Loyalty By Another Name is a story about Muslims who are reshaping our image of the patriotic American soldier. The film will profile a number of individuals across the country who represent the variety of experiences shared by American Muslims in the Armed Forces. Loyalty By Another Name dives into the contradiction Muslim Americans face as they defend a country that does not always defend them. 

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Moral Monday

A film by Eric Preston

Moral Monday tells the story of a civil rights struggle underway in the U.S. and charts the progress, pitfalls and outcomes of this faith-rooted national justice movement.

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