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Body and Soul: Is there a Science of Spiritual Healing?

Body and Soul will explore the history and philosophy of the New Thought spiritual movement.  The documentary will provide the first comprehensive treatment of the origins and evolution of metaphysical 20th- and 21st -century spirituality in America.  Director Elena Mannes plans to address confusion about New Thought and clarify distinctions, for example, between Unity and Unitarianism and between New Age and New Thought.

The film will query in what sense New Thought philosophies are called a "science," a science based on specific principles which, it is claimed, can bring about healing in the physical and spiritual world?  Distinctions will be made between New Thought and Christian Science and the film will include interviews with a wide range of  historians and scholars ranging from the Founding Director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion to the Director of Duke University's Center for Spirituality to the author of New Thought for a New Millennium.

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Auburn Update 

Award-winning filmmaker Elena Mannes is in the final stages of research and development for the film.

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