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The Heaven In My Head

As with any violent conflict, Kashmir's decades-long struggle is often evaluated by its death toll.  But filmmaker Musa Syeed recognizes that what's harder to calculate is the psychological impact of the conflict.  From psychiatrists to faith healers, from dingy hospitals to modern counseling centers, Kashmiris are fighting for their hearts and minds.  The Heaven In My Head will immerse viewers in the lives and souls of Kashmiris healing and being healed through faith. 

Many Kashmiris are turning back to faith healers, or pirs.  The pir was for centuries the center of communal life in Kashmir.  Their cures are unscientific and difficult to quantify, but physicians and NGOs are actively working with these religious leaders to create mental health treatments, lead Kashmiris to question cultural attitudes toward mental illness, and to rediscover what Islam actually prescribes.

Auburn Update 

Director Syeed will be filming over the summer in Kashmir.

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