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Interview with Ken Mandel, director of God and Daring: The Life of Saint Josemaria Escriva

The Catholic religious organization Opus Dei has long been a subject of public fascination. Its supporters say that it has reinvigorated Catholicism, by showing ordinary men and women how they can achieve holiness in their everyday lives. But Opus Dei (which is Latin for "the work of God") has also been a lightning rod for controversy. It's been accused of being ultra-secretive, highly influential, overly regimented, and overzealous in its recruiting practices. Fanning the flames of these controversies was Dan Brown's bestselling 2003 book, The Da Vinci Code, and the movie based on it, both of which painted a frightening picture of Opus Dei.

The leaders of Opus Dei have made efforts to be more open with the public and the media - to help separate fiction from fact. As part of that effort, they have agreed - for the first time ever - to cooperate with a team of independent documenatary filmmakers who are making, with complete editorial independence, a biographical documentary about Opus Dei's founder.