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The New Black

The New Black

The New Black delves into the complicated interwoven histories of the African American church and the LGBT civil rights movement.   Homophobia in the black church, an institutional pillar of the black community, is at the root of much soul-searching within the black community and between the black community and LGBT communities.  A gay gospel singer and the head of the National Black Justice Coalition travel from New York to California to challenge the existence of homophobia in the black church and query traditionally white gay organizations about issues of race.  The New Black asks how and why it is that some powerful members of the black church, which has historically been the center of the civil rights movement, advocate to deny another minority’s rights.

The film was the Winner of the Audience Award at AFI Docs, the Philly Q Fest and Frameline 37, and Best Documentary at the Urbanworld Film Festival.

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The New Black is streaming on Netflix and is available on DVD and through Video on Demand outlets.

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