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Peace in the Valley

Filmmakers Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher originally traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to make a short documentary on whether an historic anti-discrimination ordinance targeting the LGBT community would stand or fail.  The filmmakers set the drama of voting day against a staging of The Great Passion Play, the largest outdoor production of the Passion of Christ in the U.S., which also takes place in Eureka Springs. 

Now they're back in Arkansas to make a feature-length documentary, fascinated with the theatrical ways in which the inhabitants of this Ozark mountain town express their religious and political beliefs. One thread of their narrative is the pervasiveness of Christianity on all sides of the issues - how it empowers, unites and divides the community according to each person's interpretation of Christian tenets.

Hartley Update 

Filmmakers Palmieri and Mosher have just returned from another shoot in Eureka Springs for the feature-length documentary.

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