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Your Health: A Sacred Matter

This two-hour documentary produced by award-winning filmmaker Gerald Krell focuses on how the medical profession is not only looking to the origins of medicine in order to move forward, by re-integrating religiously based tenets into the healing process, but also responding to contemporary research findings that support earlier accepted wisdom.

Your Health: A Sacred Matter will take audiences to a representative sampling of the leading medical schools, teaching hospitals and research centers across the nation recognized for their work in this field. The film’s directors will follow physicians, educators, nurses, interns, students, chaplains, and caregivers who are being taught healing skills.

Krell will weave together compelling individual stories from patients and health care providers that demonstrate why religion is important to health. The lives they share on film are ones of personal transcendence, courage and dignity. 

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Auburn Update 

Your Health: A Sacred Matter won the International Award of Excellence at the International Film Festival for Spirituality and Religion in Jakara, Indonesia.

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