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A Thousand Mothers

The pacing of the documentary A Thousand Mothers takes its cue from the rhythms of daily life in a Buddhist nunnery in Myanmar. On one of several trips to that country, director Kim Shelton discovered the Thit Seint Nunnery in Sagaing. The region is home to close to 6,000 monks and a similar number of nuns inhabiting hundreds of Buddhist monasteries and nunneries. At Thit Seint, the nuns range in age from seven to more than 70 years of age. Unlike the monks, the nuns do not receive any governmental support yet, according to Shelton, they live their lives "with a consistent infectious joy and lightheartedness." Very little has been filmed in Myanmar to date, and A Thousand Mothers will provide a window into that closed country.

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Auburn Update 

Shooting has been completed and Shelton is in post production.

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